Food safety and regulations

How to meet food safety standards and prevent food poisoning.

If you run a food business you must also make sure it's registered.

  • Food labelling
    Food that must be labelled, and what information must be included on the label.
  • Doggy bags
    How to store and handle leftover food taken home from a restaurant.
  • Best before and use by explained
    Information about best before and use by dates on packaged food, including selling out of date food.
  • Food allergens
    Rules for food businesses on declaring and managing food allergens.
  • Stacking the refrigerator
    How to correctly stack a refrigerator to reduce the risk of cross contamination.
  • Fish and bush food containing PFAS chemicals
    Health advice and guidance on eating wild fish and bush foods in the NT containing PFAS. Guidelines on how much fish and bush food you can regularly eat and what to avoid.
  • Food recalls
    Food recalls in the Northern Territory, including why food recalls happen.
  • Mercury in fish
    How much fish you should eat, including information about mercury in fish.