Sausage sizzles and barbeques

People who prepare or serve food for a sausage sizzle or community barbecue in the Northern Territory (NT) must take steps to ensure their food is safe to eat.

How to prepare and cook food safely

You should take precautions when preparing and serving food at sausage sizzles or barbecues, including all of the following:

  • finish the preparation of raw meat before leaving for the site
  • transport raw meat in insulated boxes with ice bricks
  • handle food with tongs or other equipment
  • use separate equipment to handle raw and cooked meats
  • avoid using hands to handle meat unless absolutely necessary and handwashing facilities are available
  • wash hands after handling raw meat
  • keep cooked meat and salads separate to prevent contamination
  • cover food to protect it from contamination
  • serve freshly cooked food straight from the barbecue
  • use clean and dry utensils for serving
  • don't place cooked meat on containers that have held raw meat
  • cook chicken, sausages and hamburgers until juices run clear
  • throw leftover food away unless refrigeration equipment is available.

Disposable utensils

You should use single-use disposable utensils such as knives, forks, plates and cups. These should be thrown away after use.

Disposable items should be kept covered until needed, and handled carefully to minimise any risk of contamination.

Re-usable items should be avoided unless either:

  • there are facilities to wash and sanitise them
  • or there are enough items for the duration of the event.

Water for handwashing

An adequate supply of water for hand washing or washing dishes must be provided.

The water must be of drinkable quality.

Containers used to transport water must be clean and not previously used to store chemicals.

Handwashing facilities

Anyone who handles food at a sausage sizzle or barbecue must be able to wash their hands with warm running water, unless they have an exemption from the Department of Health.

All of the following items must be provided at the handwashing facility:

  • soap
  • paper towels
  • a bin for used towels.

How to make a temporary handwashing facility

You can create a temporary hand washing facility by placing a large water container with a tap at its base over another container for collecting waste water.

Read more about handwashing.

For more information contact Environmental Health.

Last updated: 21 September 2015

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