Skills and knowledge for food workers

Food business owners in the Northern Territory (NT) are responsible for making sure that people who handle food in their business, and their supervisors, know how to handle food correctly.

Training for food handlers 

The Department of Health regularly runs training sessions for food handlers. 

You can also ensure your staff have the right skills and knowledge by:

  • providing in-house training
  • giving staff food safety and food hygiene information to read
  • setting out the responsibilities of food handlers and their supervisors
  • sending staff to food safety courses
  • recruiting staff with formal industry-based training qualifications.

Supervising staff

You can make sure your business’ food handlers have appropriate skills and knowledge by:

  • ensuring staff who handle food have suitable training
  • supervising the work of food handlers
  • regularly reminding staff about safe food handling practices.

Food handler issues

Food handlers may need to attend training if an inspector identifies a food handling issue.

For more information contact Environmental Health.

Last updated: 21 September 2015

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