Mobile food vehicles

Mobile food vehicles in the Northern Territory (NT) must meet food safety standards.

A mobile food vehicle is any vehicle that is used to:

  • prepare food
  • transport food
  • sell food.

This includes food and beverage carts.

Design requirements


Food preparation, storage and sales area walls and ceilings should be:

  • made of a smooth, water-resistant material
  • finished in a light colour
  • easy to clean.


Food preparation, storage and sales area floors should be:

  • smooth
  • slip resistant
  • water resistant.

Door and service openings

Vehicle doors and service openings should be:

  • finished with the same material as the walls
  • able to be firmly closed during transport
  • vermin proof.

The driving compartment should be separated and sealable from the food preparation and storage area.

Cupboards, cabinets and workbenches

Cupboards, cabinets and workbenches should comply with food standard codes.


Your vehicle should have enough potable water for one day of operations, including sufficient water for:

  • hand washing
  • washing equipment and fittings.

You should also have a waste water tank of at least equal capacity.

Hand basins

You must equip your vehicle's hand basin with:

  • warm running water
  • soap
  • single use towels.

Mechanical extraction

You must install a mechanical exhaust system in kitchen or cooking areas.

The system must:

  • have a total maximum input exceeding 8kW/h for an electrical appliance
  • or a total gas input of 29 MJ/h for a gas appliance or any deep fryer.  

Canopies must comply with relevant Australian standards.

Rubbish disposal

You must provide separate rubbish containers with tight-fitting lids and bin liners for use by:

  • the food vehicle operator
  • the public.

Storage of perishable foods

Perishable foods must be stored safely in appliances that are capable of:

  • keeping cold food below 5 degrees Celsius
  • or keeping hot food above 60 degrees Celsius.

You must provide thermometers accurate to + or – 1 degree Celsius.

Storage facilities

You must have separate storage facilities for staff clothing and personal effects.

Labelling of food

Any packaged food sold from a mobile vehicle must be labelled.

For more information contact Environmental Health.

Last updated: 21 September 2015

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