Apply for a casino employee licence

You must have a licence to work in a casino's gaming and gaming machine operations.

You must also be over 18 years old and meet strict character and background standards.

There are 3 types of licences:

  • key licence - for managers
  • standard licence - for all employees working in a casino on gaming operations including as croupier, cashier, security and surveillance or administration
  • trainee licence - for people undergoing training.

You can only apply for a licence once you are actually offered a job by a licensed casino.

You will have to undergo a police check and fingerprinting, give detailed personal and financial information about yourself and be interviewed by a Licensing NT officer.

You will need to do all of the following steps.

Step 1. Fill in the forms

Fill in all of the following forms, which you get from the casino that is employing you:

  • a licence form
  • an authority to get information and an authority to release information - these give permission to inspectors or police to look at records about you.

Step 2. Police history check and fingerprinting

You must apply to NT Police for a criminal history check and also get fingerprinted.

Read about how to get a criminal history name and fingerprint check.

Step 3. Pay the fee

You will have to pay the relevant fees as per the list below.

Description Fee payable
Application or renewal of casino - key employee licence $361
Application or renewal of casino - standard employee licence $146
Application or renewal of casino - trainee employee licence $146
Variation of casino employee licence - standard to key $215
Variation of casino employee licence - provisional to key $215
Variation of casino employee licence - other $25
Replacement of casino employee licence$25
Police history name check $76
Police history fingerprint check $213

Fees are GST free.

Step 4. Submit your forms

Submit your forms to a Territory Business Centre along with the fee for the type of licence you are applying for.

You must include the following supporting documents and information:

  • your birth certificate/extract or current passport or refugee certificate or naturalisation certificate
  • evidence of any name change
  • 3 identical passport photographs
  • details of any arrests, detentions or court proceedings
  • addresses you have lived at during the past 5 years
  • details of previous jobs
  • a list of what you own (assets) and any debts or loans you have (liabilities).

It can take up to 5 days to process your application. During this time Licensing NT will carry out a probity check on you.

Read more about probity checks.

They will also assess your skills, qualifications, knowledge and experience to see if you are competent to do your proposed job.

You don't have to have previous knowledge or skills to get a licence, but experience in the tourism and hospitality industries or training as a croupier or security officer would count in your favour.

Full licences are valid for 5 years unless cancelled or suspended.

To renew your licence, fill in a renewal form which you get from your employer, and pay the relevant fee.

You may also have to fill in a national police checking service informed consent form.

National police checking service informed consent form DOCX (58.9 KB)
National police checking service informed consent form PDF (186.3 KB)

A non-renewable provisional licence is valid for a period not exceeding 12 months.

This licence may help you get the same kind of licence in another state.

However, the licence is for the Territory and is not automatically recognised by other states.

Last updated: 04 July 2022

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