Police and probity checks for licensing

When you apply to the Northern Territory (NT) Government for business and professional licences, you must show you're a fit and proper person, company or organisation to hold a licence.

This can involve one or more of the following checks:

  • nationally coordinated criminal history check
  • police fingerprint check
  • probity check.

To find out which checks apply to which licence, read the quick reference.

Nationally coordinated criminal history check

A nationally coordinated criminal history check (NCCHC) searches for criminal or traffic convictions that are recorded against your name in any Australian state or territory.

This information goes to the government and forms part of your application.

For some licences, if you live, or have recently lived in another country, you may also have to provide a police report and financial records from that country to Licensing NT.

In the NT, you can apply for a NCCHC online by going to the Safe NT website.

When you're asked where the results should go, you must use the following address:

Licensing NT
Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade
GPO Box 1154
Darwin NT 0801.

You can also apply by filling in the below form and submitting it by mail, email or in person to a Territory Business Centre:

NCCHC informed consent form DOCX (58.9 KB)

NCCHC informed consent form  PDF (186.3 KB).

This process is faster as results don't have to be mailed.

This form gives your permission for all of the following:

  • a check of criminal records or other information held by NT and interstate police
  • the release of details of any convictions against you in the NT or elsewhere (convictions over 10 years old may not be considered unless relevant to the licence applied for).

Your personal information will be handled in accordance with the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade's privacy policy.

To find out more, go to the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade website.

Police fingerprint check

You must get a police fingerprint check to get permits and licences involving the safety or security of people or property.

You can get your fingerprint check when you apply for your criminal history check online by calling Safe NT on 1800 723 368 before you submit your application.

To only get a fingerprint check, follow these steps:

Step 1. If you live in Darwin or the greater Darwin area, call Safe NT on 1800 723 368 to arrange an appointment. For other areas in the NT, contact your local NT Police station.

Step 2. Go to Safe NT or your local NT Police station and fill in and submit the relevant form.

Step 3. Pay the relevant fee for your licence type.

Step 4. Get your fingerprints taken.

When you no longer hold a licence or you're refused a Machine Manager licence or a Gaming Machine Repairer licence, your fingerprints and palm prints have to be destroyed.

Probity check

A probity check investigates the background of a company, organisation or person to see if they're fit to hold the licence or authorisation they have applied for.

It investigates the previous history and activities of organisations and individuals including financial records and legal matters.

Not all probity checks are the same. The information needed depends on the type of licence and the laws and regulations that apply to it.

Before a probity check can be done, a person or organisation must give their permission.

You can give your permission by filling in the below form and submitting it with your licence application.

deed of release and indemnity DOCX (41.5 KB)

deed of release and indemnity PDF (21.5 KB).

This gives your bank or other financial institution permission to release financial records and other documents to Licensing NT or NT Police.

You may also be asked to authorise release of police history. You can do this by filling in and signing the above NCCHC informed consent form.

This gives Licensing NT, NT Police, or any other investigative authority permission to make any investigations or inquiries necessary to process your licence or permit application.

How probity checks are done

Once you have signed the deed of release and indemnity, Licensing NT or NT Police will check your information against the criteria for the licence you have applied for.

If Licensing NT refuses your application for a licence or permit as a result of the probity check, you do have the right to appeal.

To appeal, contact Licensing NT.

Last updated: 08 October 2020

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