Gambling industry licences

If you are involved in gaming, gambling or betting in the Northern Territory (NT), you must have a licence. 

The NT Racing Commission manages licensing of racing-related activities and the Director-General of Licensing issues all other forms of gambling licences.

For more information read the laws and regulations governing gambling and betting in the NT.

Licensed industries and activities

You must have a licence for the following industries and activities:

People who need licences

If you have a job in any of the above industries you must have a licence. 

You must have a licence if your job involves any of the following: 

  • gambling equipment supply
  • gambling equipment repairs
  • supervising or operating gaming machines. 

Read more about how to get a casino employee licence.

Read more about gaming machines and licences.

Sports bookmakers 

If you are employed in the bookmaker business you must be licensed. 

Read more about getting a bookmaker licence.

Racing employees

You must be licensed if you work at thoroughbred and greyhound race clubs. 

This involves all of the following:

  • key employees
  • greyhound industry participants including owners, trainers and attendants
  • anyone working for a registered bookmaker.

Read more about licences associated with greyhound racing.

Read more about licences associated with thoroughbred racing.

On-course bookmakers

You must be licensed to take on-course bets. 

Read more about how to get a bookmaker licence.

Who manages licences

The gaming industry is managed by Licensing NT. 

Find contact details for Licensing NT.

Last updated: 14 March 2016

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