Online gaming licence

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How a licence is granted

A licence to operate online gaming in the Northern Territory (NT) is granted by the NT government entering into an agreement with the applicant company.

To get approval, you must prepare a submission which will prove you are a suitable person or company to hold such a licence, and have the financial and business capacity to operate online gaming.

Standards to meet

You must provide evidence you meet standards related to all of the following:

  • reputation - character, honesty, and integrity
  • financial background
  • financial and management resources
  • business ability
  • reputation of the operation's proposed management, and that of people associated with the operation.

These will be investigated by Licensing NT.

Other factors the government considers

When processing an application, the government considers the overall risks and benefits of your proposed operation, including gaming revenue and employment opportunities.

Your proposed financial return to the government, and your payment of the costs involved in assessing you application, will form part of the agreement.

Approval for your computer system

Once a licence is granted, you must get a separate approval for your proposed control and computer systems before you can start operating.

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Last updated: 14 March 2016

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