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How to apply

These guidelines are for anyone considering applying for a licence to conduct internet gaming in the Northern Territory (NT).

They are a guide only to help you understand the process and prepare an application so that it can be considered by the government. They do not guarantee you will be granted a licence.

Read more information about gambling and racing in the NT, including the regulations governing internet gaming.

You should direct any questions to Licensing NT.


As a licence is granted through an agreement with the government, the terms licence and agreement mean the same thing.

Format of applications

There is no standard form for applying for an internet gaming licence.

Instead, you must prepare a submission which provides detailed information about all of the following areas, and attach relevant documents. In some cases you must complete specific forms which are linked below.


You must provide details for all individuals who have at least 10% control of the company.

Type of information What details to provide
Deed of release and indemnity DOCX (51.0 KB)

This form authorises police and licensing authorities to obtain information about you. Every individual associated with managing the business of the applicant company must fill one in and sign it.

Contact Licensing NT if you are unsure if a person has to complete this document.

Company information Detail the company structure, ownership and management. Corporate entities should also describe dealings - applications, non-approvals, approvals etc - with other gaming or like regulatory authorities.‚Äč
Person information

All individuals involved in the proposed management of the business at an executive level should provide:

  • personal information about themselves and
  • evidence towards their character, honesty and integrity.

They should also describe dealings with other gaming or regulatory authorities such as:

  • applications
  • non-approvals
  • approvals.

Anyone who has lived overseas during the previous five years should provide a current police report from the country where they are/were living.

Shareholder information Outline the company's high-level ownership/beneficiary structure
Corporate subsidiary information Outline all related and subsidiary companies
Reputation of associates Provide a list of all people associated with the ownership, management and operation of the applicant company. You may also have to provide information about the repute and financial resources of the associates, including any non-compliance with a law by a shareholder or a company controlled by a shareholder in the last 10 years.


You must establish that you have a sound and stable financial background and have the funds to ensure the financial viability of the proposed gaming business.

Your assets and financial performance will be used as a measurement of your financial background. You must provide all of the following information:

  • audited financial statements for the applicant person or company, and related companies
  • detailed business and project plans outlining all expected costs and revenue, and proof that project funding covers any delays.

Organisation structure

Provide an organisation chart showing key positions for managing and operating the business. Include job titles and brief job description for each.

List the names of proposed managers. Provide their professional resumes and names of referees, including previous three employers.

All proposed managers will be assessed against the reputation criteria and must provide a deed of release and indemnity DOCX (51.0 KB) and full personal information as outlined above including overseas police check if relevant.

Capacity to conduct business

You must prove you have the business skills and experience needed to establish and run the business.

You will initially be assessed on your business plan, financial resources, proposed management resources, proposed computer and control systems, and a risk management strategy.

A more detailed review of your business ability will be done once an agreement for cost recovery has been set.

Business plan

The business plan and risk analysis should cover all of the following:

  • revenue and expenditure
  • the target audience, their demographics, expected take-up rates and assumptions - eg basis for revenue versus expenditure
  • product description including comparison of online and physical products, competing products and sites including URLs
  • risk management for non-Territory legal matters
  • where the business will be physically located and where people will be employed.

If the licence is granted, you must demonstrate direct and substantive financial benefits to the territory.

For example, supporting:

  • local organisations
  • not-for-profit groups
  • sporting teams
  • events.

The following aren't included as they are considered business costs:

  • stationery
  • rent
  • equipment
  • wages and salaries.


If you own, manage or operate an internet gambling business you must not associate or have business dealings with a person or organisation who does not meet the reputation standards or has undesirable or unsatisfactory financial resources.

Each director, partner, trustee, executive officer, secretary and manager must list details of all of their associates for the previous five years. Associates include all of the following people:

  • spouse or partner
  • member of extended family
  • a body corporate of which the person is an executive officer
  • consultant or paid adviser who has provided advice in the previous five years regarding gaming, gaming equipment or associated control systems
  • an employee or employer
  • a co-worker
  • a body corporate in which the person holds a controlling interest
  • a person who is named as an influential or benefiting party
  • an associate of your associates.

Other information

Include any other information you think might be relevant or would help speed up the processing of your application.

You must also supply information requested by Licensing NT during the assessment process.


You must pay a fee of 20,000 revenue units to apply for an internet gaming licence. You are also liable to pay the cost of the department's inquiries into your background and suitability, such as audits. Ongoing costs are subject to negotiation and formal agreement.

A revenue unit is worth $1.24 as at 1 July 2021. Monetary value is subject to indexation under the Revenue Units Act. Find out more about revenue units.

Where to send your submission

Prepare a submission and send it to:

Licensing NT
PO Box 1154
Darwin NT 0801

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Last updated: 09 September 2021

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