Taminmin College

RouteService InformationTimetableMap
215(am)Kentish Rd to Taminmin CollegeTimetable i215 (44.1 kb)Map 215 (265.6 kb)
215(pm)Taminmin College to Kentish RdTimetable o215 (43.8 kb)Map 215 (265.6 kb)
401(am)Palmerston Interchange to Taminmin College via Howard Springs and Humpty DooTimetable i401 (33.3 kb)Map 401 (343.8 kb)
401(pm)Humpty Doo Shops to Palmerston Interchange via Howard SpringsTimetable o401 (37.3 kb)Map 401 (343.8 kb)
403(am)Palmerston Interchange to Humpty Doo Schools via Howard Springs, Girraween Primary School, Humpty Doo, Taminmin College and Bees Creek SchoolsTimetable i403 (39.8 kb)Map 403 (352.3 kb)
403(pm)Girraween Primary School to Humpty Doo Shops then to Palmerston Interchange via Taminmin College, Humpty Doo and Howard SpringsTimetable o403 (42.4 kb)Map 403 (352.3 kb)
405(am)Howard Springs Stow Rd to Bees Creek Schools and Humpty Doo SchoolsTimetable i405 (48.5 kb)Map 405 (373.1 kb)
405(pm)St Francis of Assisi to Humpty Doo Interchange via Howard Springs and Gunn PointTimetable o405 (43.4 kb)Map 405 (373.1 kb)
407(am)Virginia and Bees Creek to Humpty Doo SchoolsTimetable i407 (43.7 kb)Map 407 (353.8 kb)
407(pm)Humpty Doo Schools to Bees Creek and VirginiaTimetable o407 (45.2 kb)Map 407 (353.8 kb)
228(am)Virginia Morgan Rd area to Humpty Doo Schools via Bees Creek SchoolsTimetable i228 (47.8 kb)Map 228 (292.4 kb)
415(am)Humpty Doo, Benjamin Estate to Humpty Doo Schools and Taminmin College to Giraween Primary School - ExpressTimetable i415 (39.1 kb)Map 415 (283.3 kb)
415(pm)Girraween Primary School to Humpty Doo Shops Express and Humpty Doo Shops to the Benjamin EstateTimetable o415 (36.7 kb)Map 415 (283.3 kb)
417(am)Humpty Doo to Humpty Doo Schools and Taminmin College to Bees Creek Schools - ExpressTimetable i417 (39.4 kb)Map 417 (359.3 kb)
417(pm)Sattler Christian College and Bees Creek Primary School to Humpty Doo Shops and the Pinnaroo and Dawn EstatesTimetable o417 (48.2 kb)Map 417 (359.3 kb)
427b(am)Corner of Hopewell and Duddell Rd, Darwin River to Berry Springs Interchange via Humpty Doo SchoolsTimetable i427b (39.8 kb)Map 427 (84.6 kb)
427b(pm)Taminmin College to Berry Springs Interchange via Hopewell and Duddell Rd, Darwin River Timetable o427b (35.9 kb)Map 427 (84.6 kb)
453b(pm)Humpty Doo Primary School to Corroboree Park via Taminmin CollegeTimetable o453b (37.7 kb)Map 453 (277.3 kb)
469(am)Lambells Lagoon (Wanderrie Road and Arnhem Highway) to Humpty Doo Schools and Taminmin CollegeTimetable i469 (32.8 kb)Map 469 (293.0 kb)
469(pm)Taminmin College to Lambells LagoonTimetable o469 (34.9 kb)Map 469 (293.0 kb)
473(am)Palmerston Interchange to Taminmin College Timetable i473 (40.3 kb)Map 473 (226.4 kb)
473(pm)Taminmin College to Palmerston Interchange Timetable o473 (36.3 kb)Map 473 (226.4 kb)

Last updated: 28 November 2017