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Arts, sport and leisure

Parks and reserves, libraries, archives, sport facilities, arts awards, arts grants, hiking, camping, museums, arts centres.

Boating, fishing and marine

Commercial fishing and aquaculture, marine pests, biosecurity, Indigenous fishing, recreational fishing, boat ramps, tides, boat rules and safety.

Business and industry

Mining and petroleum, remote jobs, agriculture, start a business, doing business with government, liquor licensing, gambling.

Community support and care

Child protection, families, seniors, multicultural communities, community grants, language services, local councils.

Driving and transport

Buses, driver licences, cycling, penalties, registration, heavy vehicles, road safety and conditions.

Education and learning

Early childhood, schools, term dates, special education, financial help and university.

Emergency and safety

Emergency contacts, crisis helplines, child safety, crocodile safety and reports, cyclones, floods, emergency kit, short term accommodation.

Employment, money and taxes

Employing people, apprenticeships, training, looking for work, employer obligations and paying tax.


Water, animals, native plants, weeds, environment data, environment protection, home gardens, and soil, land and vegetation.

Health and wellbeing

Where to find information about health and wellbeing in the Northern Territory, including hospital information.

Housing, property and land

Renting, buying, selling or building a home, land supply and clearing, industry information, buying and selling property with pools or spas.

Your rights, crime and the law

Courts, alcohol, consumer rights, births, deaths, marriages, fines and crime.

Mossies on the rise

NEWS / 26 Oct 2016

Mossies on the rise

Health authorities have warned that mosquito numbers are on the rise with near-record numbers of larvae hatching in breeding areas in Northern Territory coastal regions, including the Greater Darwin Area.

Get cyclone-ready with SecureNT

NEWS / 26 Oct 2016

Get cyclone-ready with SecureNT

Everything you need to know about preparing for the cyclone season can be found on the new and improved Secure NT website.

Nightcliff Jetty upgrade works continue

NEWS / 20 Oct 2016

Nightcliff Jetty upgrade works continue

The Nightcliff Jetty will be closed for one week from Monday 24 October to deliver structural improvements which will increase public safety.

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