Building complaints and disputes

Get payment for loss of profit, delay or negligence

This page has information about making a claim in court for a loss of profit, delay or negligence that is not covered by other resolution services.

What the courts can do

The courts can do the following:

  • hear evidence from experts
  • hear and determine contractual matters relating to payments or breaches of contract - for instance work that has not been carried out in a proper and workmanlike manner or in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law, or if an owner has caused a builder a loss of profits due to delay or breach
  • issue an enforceable order for the payment of money
  • issue an enforceable order to do or refrain from doing something
  • issue an injunction.

The courts cannot do the following:

  • consider consumer guarantee disputes
  • consider professional conduct issues
  • take professional disciplinary action such as suspending or cancelling a builder’s licence.

Read about how to:

Before you apply

Before filing any dispute in a court, consider getting legal advice.

Which court you should contact

The value of your dispute will determine which of the following courts has jurisdiction over the claim.

Small claims jurisdiction of the Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NTCAT)

This court can decide actions for amounts up to $25,000.

Local Court

This court can decide actions for amounts between $25,001 and $250,000.

Supreme Court

This court can decide actions for amounts over $250,000

How to apply

Read more about how to make a small claim and making a claim through NTCAT.

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Last updated: 04 September 2020

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