Building complaints and disputes

Get mediation or conciliation help

This page has information for consumers and traders who are looking for a third party to help mediate or conciliate a building dispute.

Help with all construction disputes

If your dispute involves a trader and consumer, Northern Territory (NT) Consumer Affairs may be able to help you find a solution.

Go to the NT Consumer Affairs website for more information about resolving complaints and disputes.

Help with residential building disputes

If you are an owner or builder working on a building covered by a fidelity fund certificate, you can apply to the Commissioner of Residential Building Disputes for free mediation or conciliation to help you come to an agreement.

Read more about building work that requires a fidelity fund certificate.

If your application is accepted, you and the other party must agree to the mediation or conciliation.

The commissioner can make a binding decision based on the mutual agreement.

How to apply

To apply for conciliation and mediation submit the completed form to the Commissioner of Residential Building Disputes. Contact details are provided on the form.

Conciliation and mediation form DOCX (91.4 KB)
Conciliation and mediation form PDF (141.6 KB)

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Last updated: 31 March 2016

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