Building complaints and disputes

Get a technical inspection

This page has information about how to get a professional opinion if you believe your building work is defective.

A fidelity fund certificate covers owners against the following costs if a builder becomes bankrupt, dies, disappears or has their registration cancelled by the Building Practitioners Board.

Read more about when you must have a fidelity fund certificate.

For work not covered by a fidelity fund certificate

You must source your own technical experts to help resolve your dispute about the building work.

Find a registered building practitioner by going to the Northern Territory Building Practitioners Board website.

For work covered by a fidelity fund certificate

As the owner or builder of residential building work, you can apply to the Commissioner of Residential Building Disputes for a technical inspection.

If your application is accepted, a technical expert will be appointed to report on your building.

How to apply

To apply fill in the technical inspection form.

Technical inspection form DOCX (116.6 KB)
Technical inspection form PDF (160.2 KB)

Submit the form and the application fee of 200 revenue units to the Commissioner of Residential Building Disputes.

Find out more about revenue units.

You may also need to pay for any tests requested by the technical expert for their report.

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Last updated: 15 March 2018

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