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Reptiles are any air breathing, dry, scaly-skinned animal with a backbone that relies on its surroundings for warmth. 

They are often called cold-blooded.

Most lay eggs and their young are usually born on land and look like mini-versions of their parents. They breathe through lungs.

Bandy bandy

Bandy bandys are fascinating black and white banded snakes that live in most parts of Australia.

Read about bandy bandys PDF (507.8 KB) and snakes in the NT.


Saltwater crocodiles are dangerous animals that live in Top End waters. 

They are known as ambush predators because the often sneak up and surprise their prey. 

Read about crocodiles PDF (935.8 KB) and how to stay safe in areas where crocodiles live.


The word dragon makes people think of fire-breathing monsters, but the NT dragons are a fairly harmless bunch.

Read about NT dragons. PDF (353.5 KB)

Frilled lizards

The frilled lizard is the largest of Australia's dragons. 

It makes a spectacular display in an attempt to look bigger, more ferocious and fearsome.

Read about the frilled lizard.  PDF (1.1 MB)

More about amphibians and reptiles

Find out about books that will tell you more about amphibians and reptiles. PDF (156.9 KB)

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Last updated: 09 February 2016

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