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Discover the outdoors

You can discover the outdoors with these worksheets, activity sheets and colouring-in sheets.

Build a nest box

Read about building a nest box PDF (904.1 KB) in your backyard for a native animal.

Grow plants without seeds

Some native plants can be grown without seeds, PDF (251.5 KB) so find out which ones and have a go at growing them.

Seeing in stereo

Did you know that humans have stereo vision PDF (423.9 KB)? Learn more about how your eyes and other animal eyes work with this simple experiment.

Tie knots

Learn how to tie all sorts of knots PDF (368.1 KB), an important skill when you're out in the bush.


Learn about the wide world of birdwatching. PDF (308.4 KB)

Portable homes

Learn which shells PDF (564.4 KB) belong to which animals and how they are made.

Bird colouring-in sheets

All of the following are colouring-in sheets you can use to learn more about birds in the NT:

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Last updated: 09 February 2016

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