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Fish live and breathe under water. Fish are cold-blooded animals with a backbone that have scales, gills, fins and a streamlined body.

Archer fish

Archer fish are named for their remarkable hunting ability.

In Australia there are four species, three in the Top End.

Read about archer fish. PDF (224.2 KB)


Barramundi are famous for fighting hard when hooked on a fishing line.

They can grow very large, weighing over 40kg.

Read more about barramundi. PDF (302.4 KB)

You can also go to the barramundi page for more information.

Finke goby

Finke goby are only found in the Finke River system in the southern part of the NT.

Read more about finke goby. PDF (238.4 KB)

Native fish Australia

Go to the Native Fish Australia website for information about fish species.

Other fish in the NT

See a list of fish that can be caught in coastal waters.

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Last updated: 26 February 2018

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