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Foreign invaders

Foreign invaders are introduced animals or plants that have established in the wild in Australia.

They can alter nature, causing harm to native animals and plants.


Cabomba caroliniana is one of Australia's worst waterborne weeds.

If it becomes established in Top End waterways, it will have a large negative impact.

Read about cabomba PDF (361.4 KB).

Learn more about cabomba and what is being done to control it.

Cane toads

Australia does not have any native toads. In 1935, cane toads were brought from overseas to Queensland.

Read about cane toads PDF (322.8 KB).

Learn more about what you can do to help control cane toads.


Feral pigs are some of the NT's most unwanted guests.

Read about pigs PDF (623.5 KB).

You can also find out about feral pigs in the NT.

Read more

Find information about feral animalsweeds and other pests in the NT.

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Last updated: 09 February 2016

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