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Plants are living things and cannot move by themselves.

They include trees, flowers, herbs, ferns and mosses.

They usually contain chlorophyll and can photosynthesise.


Acacia species or wattles usually need the smoke or heat from a fire to germinate their seeds.

Read about wattles PDF (433.4 KB).


Cycads are the oldest living group of seed producing plants in the world and were around long before the dinosaurs.

Read about cycads PDF (494.6 KB).

You can also go to the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney website to read a database developed from the world list of cycads with a page for every known cycad.

Long grasses

During the wet season, tall stands of green grass grow in the tropical woodlands of Northern Australia.

Read about grass PDF (379.4 KB).


Mistletoes are parasitic plants that grow on the branches or other trees and shrubs.

Read about mistletoe PDF (411.1 KB).

Monsoon forests

Unlike Queensland, the NT doesn't have large areas of moist rainforest that receive rain all year round, but patches of monsoon forest are scattered across the Top End.

Read about monsoon forest PDF (834.3 KB).

Native cherry

The broad-leaved native cherry of the Top End begins its life as a parasite.

Read about native cherry PDF (554.1 KB).


Pandanus look like palm trees, are a well-known symbol of the NT, and have many uses.

Read about pandanus PDF (679.6 KB).

River red gums

Gum trees are an Australian symbol and the most widespread gum is the river red gum, growing in all states except Tasmania.

Read about river red gum PDF (493.3 KB).

Witchetty bush

The witchetty bush lives in arid Central Australia and has some great adaptations for conserving water and living in the desert.

Read about witchetty bush PDF (590.5 KB).


Mangroves are trees that live in coastal areas that are covered by the tide every day.

Find information on mangroves and an education on mangroves PDF (4.8 MB).

The George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens

Find out more about plants of all kinds on display at the gardens.

Australia National Botanic Gardens

The Australian National Botanic Gardens website has botanical resources and information on current research.

Useful plant books

See a list of books PDF (154.8 KB) that will tell you more about the amazing world of plants.

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Last updated: 10 July 2017

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