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Birds are warm-blooded, egg-laying animals with a backbone.

They have a body covered with feathers, two wings, two feet and a beak.

Bird tracks

It's hard to identify birds from their tracks because they all have similar feet.

Read how to identify bird tracks. PDF (359.9 KB)


In the NT, bowerbirds begin breeding in August and September, before this, the male has to build a great and attractive bower or shelter.

Read about bowerbirds. PDF (621.0 KB)


The Australian bustard is also known as the kori bustard or the bush or plains turkey.

Read about bustards. PDF (325.6 KB)


Read about ducks PDF (458.6 KB) that are common in the NT.


Finches are small birds with short, sharp beaks for cracking the seeds on which they feed.

Read about finches. PDF (464.4 KB)

Gouldian finches

You are not likely to forget the beauty of a gouldian finch. They are spectacularlycolourful birds but their population is in decline.

Read about gouldian finches. PDF (272.9 KB)


Honeyeaters are common in Australia, and are often loud, bold and aggressive towards other birds.

Read about honeyeaters. PDF (371.5 KB)


Ibises are strange looking waterbirds found all over Australia. They have a caring nature and a reputation for being a nuisance.

Read about ibises. PDF (484.9 KB)

Magpie geese

Magpie geese are often found in large noisy flocks in wetlands.

Read about magpie geese. PDF (379.3 KB)

Magpie lark

The magpie lark may be Australia's most common and widespread bird.

Read about magpie larks. PDF (414.5 KB)


Bird nests come in all shapes and sizes.

Read about nests. PDF (513.1 KB)


As night falls across the NT nocturnal owls emerge to hunt.

Read about owls. PDF (912.2 KB)

Pied imperial pigeon

The pied imperial pigeon is native to the NT.

Read about pied imperial pigeons. PDF (301.8 KB)

Rainbow bee-eaters

Rainbow bee-eaters are colourful birds known for their graceful flight, twisting and turning in the air catching insects.

Read about rainbow bee-eaters. PDF (357.5 KB)

Useful bird books

Read a summary of useful bird books. PDF (119.5 KB)

Australian birds

Keep up to date with Australian bird news, articles and information by going to the Birdlife Australia website.

Birds in backyards

Read about a research, education and conservation programs on birds that live where people live by going to the Birds in Backyards website.


Read about Birdlife Australia birdata and the atlas of Australian birds at the Birdata website.

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Last updated: 11 July 2017

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