Cane toads

How to control cane toads

You can help control the cane toad problem in the Northern Territory (NT) by doing all of the following:

  • use yellow fluorescent tubes for lighting around your home instead of white fluorescent tubes, as cane toads are attracted to the white light
  • regularly check any water containers in your garden for cane toad eggs or tadpoles - this includes pools, ponds and water features - and empty any containers that you are not using, such as pot plant saucers
  • remove any cane toad eggs you find by lifting them gently out of the water and placing the eggs in your compost bin, bury them, put them in the sun to dry out or place them in a sealable plastic bag to dispose in the bin - wear disposable gloves when handling eggs
  • check your load when travelling into parts of Australia not inhabited by cane toads - they will often hide in camping gear, pot plants or boxes of fruit
  • collect and dispose of cane toads safely, but make sure to identify it as a cane toad first.

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Last updated: 25 January 2018

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