Report or rescue injured wildlife

Before rescuing injured wildlife you must make sure you and your party are safe from possible danger from road and traffic, other animals or the injured animal itself.

If you find an injured animal you should do all of the following:

  • make sure the animal is away from noise
  • keep handling to a minimum to keep the animal calm
  • keep pets and children away from wildlife
  • make sure the animal actually needs rescuing
  • don't offer food especially not cow's milk as this can make many animals sick
  • move roadkill at least 10m away from the road
  • check dead kangaroo and possum pouches for joeys
  • make sure you put your own safety first.

Report injured wildlife

Contact a Wildcare NT office closest to you:

Darwin: (08) 8988 6121 or 0408 885 341

Alice Springs: 0419 221 128

Katherine: 0412 955 336

If possible, Wildcare NT will make sure the animal is collected, cared for and released.

Taking the animal to a vet

Some local vets support wildlife care and offer first aid for native animals at no charge. 

You can drop the animal off during business hours to any of the following vet clinics:

If you choose to care for injured or orphaned wildlife you will need a wildlife carer's permit.

For more information  and contacts read the wildlife rescue information sheet (1.3 mb).

Last updated: 28 November 2017