About wildlife in NT

The Northern Territory (NT) supports a range of native animals, from insects and reptiles through to marsupials and mammals. 

In addition to the native animals, the NT also has a large number of exotic animals. This includes terrestrial vertebrates such as horses, donkeys and camels, Invertebrates such as ants, snails, spiders and cockroaches and aquatic and marine life.

Living with wildlife

Many native animals play an important role in the natural environment by pollinating flowers, recycling nutrients, spreading seeds, eating insect pests and other important ecosystem functions. 

These activities help balance natural ecosystems and are depended on by farmers and pastoralists and give many people pleasure.

Human interaction with native animals has increased a lot as people move to live rurally and on larger blocks of land. 

For many this is a pleasurable interaction with wildlife, but for some it can cause anxiety and frustration. 

For example, flying foxes make a lot of noise at night and early in the morning, scrub fowl can damage gardens, snakes may enter homes causing distress and possums may live in roofs causing noise and mess.

If the problem is minor and rare, it is better to tolerate these animals and consider their place in the environment.

If it is an ongoing problem there are non-intrusive ways to reduce the problem. 

Always remember native animals are protected in the NT and it is illegal to interfere with these animals without a wildlife permit.

If you decide to dissuade native animals from coming into your yard, consider and approach other residents in your area. 

Some of these people may enjoy interacting with wildlife, or may be trying to keep them in the area.

Last updated: 12 August 2015

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