Cane toads

How to collect and dispose of cane toads

Cane toads are toxic.

You need to first identify the cane toad.

Follow these steps to safely collect a toad:

Step 1. Wear eye protection.

Step 2. Wear gloves or use doubled-up plastic bags to protect your hands.

Step 3. If using plastic bags, put one bag inside the other and turn the bags inside out, grab the toad and turn the bags back out the right way and tie the top.

Step 4. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap afterwards.

To dispose of a toad humanely, put your bagged toad in the refrigerator at four degrees for an hour so that it becomes unconscious.

Then transfer the toad to the freezer for at least 16 hours.

You can bury the toad or put it in the compost as it is a safe natural fertiliser. Make sure the toad is away from pets.

You can also take live cane toads to a toad detention centre at one of the following locations:

  • The Shoal Bay Recycling Centre Darwin
  • Archer Dump Palmerston
  • Berry Springs Primary School
  • Fred's Pass.

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Last updated: 12 July 2017

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