Gaming machines in clubs and pubs

Apply for a gaming machine licence

To apply for a gaming machine licence you must complete the following steps:

Step 1. To apply online, go to Licensing NT Online or fill in the gaming machine venue licence form. Get this and other gaming machine licence forms.

Step 2. Supply all of the following documents:

  • birth certificate
  • current driver licence
  • current passport - and visa, if applicable
  • deed of release and indemnity DOCX (51.0 KB)
  • marriage certificate, if applicable
  • deed poll documents, if applicable
  • financial statements
  • tax returns or tax assessment notices for the previous three years.

Step 3. Supply other supporting documentation:

  • a community impact analysis
  • a plan of the proposed premises, showing where gaming machines will be installed
  • a criminal history check
  • an affidavit disclosing anyone who influences or benefits from the proposed operation
  • documents showing you lease, own or have a contract to buy the premises.

Companies or other body corporate such as a clubs must include all of the following documents:

  • certificate of incorporation
  • a copy of the memorandum, rules, constitution or other incorporating documents, certified by the secretary or other authorised person and, in the case of a club, certified by the Registrar of Associations
  • a certified copy of the resolution meeting minutes where the governing body decided to apply for the licence
  • a statement showing how many members you have in each class of membership
  • a copy of the club constitution
  • a proposal consistent with the club's constitution.

Step 4. Check the fee and the gaming machine levies.

Step 5. Submit your application and pay the fees and levy to any Territory Business Centre.

Advertising your application

You must advertise your application in local media, or as directed by the Director-General of Licensing within 28 days of the the date you submitted it.

Licensing NT will supply you with a suitable advertisement to put into the local paper.

You must include all of the following information in the advertising:

  • the location of the proposed premises
  • the number of gaming machines applied for
  • where people can find community impact information.

Your advertising must also let people know that they can write to the Director-General about the application, within 30 days of the advertisement first being published.

When you can't advertise

You must not advertise an application between the second Friday in December and the second Monday in January. These are Christmas and new Year advertising restrictions.

This means that your advertising can either:

  • start and finish before the second Friday in December
  • or start and finish after the second Monday in January.

Advertising exemptions

You do not have to advertise within 28 days of submitting your application this is during the Christmas and New Year advertising restrictions. If this does happen you should advertise as soon as possible after the restriction period.

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Last updated: 29 August 2018

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