Honey bees and beekeeping

Rules about moving bees, equipment and products


American foulbrood (AFB) disease has been found in the Northern Territory.

If you suspect your hives are infected, you must call Biosecurity on 1800 084 881 or email quarantine@nt.gov.au.

Read more about AFB.

The import of bees, apiary equipment and bee products - including honey - is strictly controlled to prevent the spread of diseases.

You are not allowed to bring beehives, including used brood boxes, supers and nucleus hives, into the Northern Territory (NT).

Health certificate

You must have a health certificate for bees, used beekeeping equipment and apiary products you want to bring into the NT from elsewhere in Australia.

Fill in the health certificate form for apiary products and used appliances PDF (114.8 KB).

Fill in the health certificate form for queen bees, escorts, queen cells and package bees PDF (126.0 KB).

Importing from overseas

If you want to import bees, related products or equipment from overseas go to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources' Biosecurity Import Conditions website.

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Last updated: 29 September 2020

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