Towing and A-frames


This section has information on towing and towing with an A-frame. 

Towing a trailer

The capacity of the towing vehicle must be suitable for the trailer to be towed.

Towing vehicles must be registered in the correct registration category to tow a trailer that has an ATM over 4.5 tonnes. 

Contact MVR for further registration information.

Generally, truck manufacturers show the designed towing capacity - which is called the gross combination mass (GCM) limit. This information may also be on the compliance plate or build plate attached to the vehicle.

The laden mass of the trailer in a vehicle combination (not being a road train) comprised of a rigid motor vehicle and a trailer must not exceed the laden mass of the rigid motor vehicle.

The towing attachment must also be suitably rated to meet towing requirements.

Towing with an A-frame

You can tow a vehicle (up to 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass) that is connected to the tow bar of another vehicle in the Northern Territory (NT) using a triangular shaped frame commonly known as an A-frame.

You should also check with your vehicle's manufacturer to determine whether the towed vehicle is suitable for A-frame towing – eg: read the advice in the 'Owner's Manual'.

Your A-frame must be designed and marked as being suitable to tow the make and model of the vehicle being towed.

If it isn't designed or marked, the A-frame and its connections will need engineering certification before you can use it.

General rules for towing another vehicle

The driver of a vehicle must not tow another motor vehicle unless it meets all of the following:

  • the driver can control the movement of the towed vehicle
  • the brakes, steering and rear lights including indicators of the towed vehicle are in working order
  • the person who is licensed to drive the towed vehicle is in the driver's seat and is in control of its brakes and steering
  • it is safe to tow the vehicle
  • the towed vehicle must be registered or have a current temporary licence.

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Last updated: 16 March 2015

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