Towing and A-frames


The coupling must:

  • be designed and constructed with sufficient strength to hold the vehicles together in tow and must comply with the Australian Design Rule 62 - mechanical connections between vehicles
  • allow for an adequate amount of angular movement between the towing and towed vehicles to cater for road undulations and curves
  • maintain a space between the combination not exceeding two metres.

A-frame component

The A-frame component must:

  • be secured to a substantial part of the towed vehicle such as a sub-frame or chassis member - connection to the bumper, suspension or steering components is not allowed unless approved by the manufacturer
  • and be marked with the VIN/chassis numbers of both the towing vehicle and the towed vehicle.

Chains and cables

The A-frame component must be equipped with safety chains/cables.

Towed vehicles with a laden mass up to 2.5 tonnes

You must have at least one safety chain complying with Australian standards.

Towed vehicles with a laden mass over 2.5 tonnes

You must have two safety chains.

Towed vehicles with a laden mass over 3.5 tonnes

You must have steel chains with a minimum 800 MPa breaking stress and conforming to the mechanical properties of Grade T chain according to Australian standards.

If you fit safety cables instead of chains you must comply with Australian standards for steel wire ropes.

Towed vehicle laden mass up to 3500kg

Towed vehicle laden mass
Minimum chain link diameter
Work load limit
Number of chains
(1.5mm for chain < 8mm)
(2mm for chain ≥ 8mm)
Minimum marking frequency
0 to 10006.3100014177-104th
Up to 16008160014177-164th
Up to 250010250014177-254th
Up to 350013350024177-354th

Towed vehicle laden mass over 3500kg

Towed vehicle laden mass
Minimum chain link diameter
Break load limit
Number of chains
MarkingMinimum marking frequency
Up to 4500646072(Manufacturer's Mark), T, 8, 80 or 80020th or 1m

More information

For more information get a copy of V65 Northern Territory requirements for A-frame towing of vehicles PDF (519.9 KB)

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Last updated: 30 September 2016

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