Towing and A-frames

Lighting and steering

Lighting requirements

All of the following lights must be fitted to the rear of the towed vehicle and be operational whilst under tow:

  • two amber turn signal lamps
  • two red stop lamps
  • two white reverse lamps
  • one registration plate lamp at the rear of the towed vehicle to illuminate the registration plate
  • two red tail lamps.

These lamps may include the towed vehicle's own lights, or a portable light bar can be fitted to the rear of the towed vehicle.

Steering requirements

The A-frame towing must provide safe and adequate steering control for the towed vehicle and the overall combination of both vehicles.

The vehicle combination must be capable of turning within a 25m diameter circle, measured at the outer wheel track.

When travelling in a straight line on a level surface the towed vehicle must follow the path of the towing vehicle without deviating off-line by any more than 100mm.

It is recommended that the tow ball or hitch position on the towing vehicle is placed as close as possible to the rear axle for greater control of the overall combination.

More information

For more information get a copy of V65 Northern Territory requirements for A-frame towing of vehicles PDF (519.9 KB)

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Last updated: 30 September 2016

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