Non standard vehicle types

The following vehicles, other than glider trailers, don't need to be registered but they must meet certain standards.

Power assisted bicycles

A power-assisted bicycle has:

  • pedals as a means of propulsion
  • an engine or motor which is capable of producing a power output not exceeding 200 watts.

You don't have to register a power-assisted bicycle and you can ride it on the road or a public place.

You must also comply with the cycling safety rules in the NT.


A segway is a two wheeled personal mobility device that allows the rider to stand on a platform and control their motion by shifting their body weight.

You must be at least 16 years old to ride a segway unsupervised in the NT, or at least 12 if you're supervised by an adult rider.

Segways don't need to be registered in the NT or require third party insurance, and riders don't need a driver licence.

Rules for riding a segway

  1. You can ride a segway on a public place.
  2. You must not ride a segway on any NT roads unless you are in an exempt area.
  3. When used on footpaths and shared paths, segways must keep to the left hand side and give way to pedestrians and cyclists.
  4. Segways must not travel faster than 12km/hr.
  5. Riders must wear approved safety helmets.
  6. Segways must be fitted with a warning device such as a horn or bell.
  7. If riding at night, lights must be fitted and operational showing white light for at least 200m to the front and red light for at least 200m to the rear.

Commercial business using segways

If you want to operate a self-ride hiring of segways, segway tours or any other business involving segways you must get permission from the road owner and/or the land owner as other requirements may apply.

Road transformers

For information about road transformers, get a copy of V77 General exemption for towed implement - road transformer PDF (696.1 KB).

Glider trailers

For information about glider trailers, get a copy of V76 Aeroplane glider trailers PDF (629.1 KB).

More information

For more information, get a copy of the following:

Last updated: 09 October 2020

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