Register an imported vehicle

Personal imports option

The personal import option is a concession that allows you to register a personally imported vehicle in Australia without needing to comply with all of the Australian Design Rules.

The vehicle must:

  • provide an accepted alternative minimum level of safety
  • be in a roadworthy condition
  • be fitted with a personal import plate.

Personally imported vehicles may be registered in the NT in right-hand or left-hand drive configuration.

To register a personally imported vehicle, you need to submit your vehicle import approval, issued by the Federal Government.

The vehicle import approval includes all of the following:

  • customs clearance
  • information for the registration authority
  • information for the issue of a personal import plate
  • information for the vehicle owner.

Personal import plate

You will get a personal import plate after the vehicle has been inspected by the MVR.

Once the vehicle has passed inspection, the vehicle import approval will be signed by an MVR officer and returned to you.

You must forward these to an approved plate manufacturer who will then manufacture and issue the personal import plate. The plate manufacturer will send the personal import plate to you.

The vehicle must be re-inspected by an MVR inspector to finalise the registration process. You should consult an MVR inspector regarding the location and fitment of the plate.

Modify your imported vehicle

If you want to undergo modifications, or your imported vehicle has undergone modifications, it may be subject to an assessment. Read about vehicle modifications.

More information

For more information, read the V48 imported vehicles information bulletin PDF (695.0 KB).

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Last updated: 23 February 2021

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