Vehicle modifications


Modified vehicles or individually constructed vehicles may be registered in the Northern Territory (NT) provided they conform to safety standards and are approved by the MVR.

There are different approval processes for different types of vehicle modifications.

You may need to apply for technical advisory committee (TAC) assessment if your vehicle has significant or extensive modifications, or you are building an individually constructed vehicle (ICV).

The TAC meets on the first Wednesday of each month (except January), and the closing date for applications is the close of business on the last Wednesday prior to the scheduled meeting.

There are also requirements for the repair or welding of vehicle components.

To carry out some vehicle modifications you may need engineering certification that is issued by a recognised engineer in the NT.

Modified or individually constructed vehicles (ICVs) may also be subject to periodic inspections at the MVR.

You should check with your insurance company before making any alterations to your vehicle, as some modifications may affect your insurance cover.

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Last updated: 16 March 2015

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