Takata airbag - compulsory recall

If your vehicle has a Takata airbag fitted, you must take action.

Takata airbags can mis-deploy causing death or serious injury.

The Australian Government announced a compulsory recall for all vehicles with defective Takata airbags in 2018.

Go to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) Product Safety Australia website for more information.

About the recall

The compulsory recall required suppliers to account for 100% of affected vehicles by 31 December 2020, unless the ACCC had agreed to an extension.

If you have not yet arranged a replacement airbag during recall, you can still contact your vehicle manufacturer for a free replacement.

You must book now if you received a letter about a faulty airbag from your vehicle manufacturer or retailer.

Replacing your airbag is free. There is no cost to you.

If you have been charged a fee for the airbag replacement as part of the compulsory recall, contact the ACCC.

Check if your vehicle's airbag is recalled

To check if your vehicle is affected by the recall, you will need follow the below steps.

Step 1. Get your VIN number or vehicle model.

Step 2. Check if your vehicle has been recalled:

Critical airbags

The ACCC has identified that airbags labelled as 'critical' have a serious safety risk. Read more about what the labels mean.

If your vehicle has been fitted with a critical airbag, read below. Registration sanctions may apply.

If you don't replace a faulty airbag

If you are the owner of a registered vehicle with critical airbags, you will be sent a letter.

The letter will tell you your vehicle may be in an unsafe condition.

You will have 28 days to replace the airbag.

If you don't arrange a replacement, your vehicle's registration may be suspended.

If you do nothing, you will sent a letter asking you to show cause why your registration should not be suspended.

You have 14 days to respond to the second notice.

If you don't respond, your registration will be suspended.

You may need to replace your vehicle's faulty Takata airbag if you want to register:

  • an unregistered vehicle, or
  • change your registration to the Northern Territory.

There are steps that must take place before registration sanctions happen.

The supplier needs to exhaust all options with the vehicle owner to bring vehicle in. This includes attempting face-to-face contact.

Only then when the owner has not taken any action will registration sanctions take place.

For more information

Call the Road Safety and Compliance team on 08 8924 7521 or email takatasafetyrecall.dipl@nt.gov.au.

Last updated: 07 October 2021

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