School fees for international students

You may need to pay international student fees to enrol your child at a Northern Territory (NT) government school.

This depends on their visa type.

If you are required to pay fees, you must pay them before your child enrols.

Fee details are provided in one of the following:

  • letter of offer
  • confirmation of placement
  • invoice issued by the school.

Check if you need to pay fees

To find out if you need to pay fees, select your child's visa below.


Visa subclass Visa subclass title Pay fees
402 Training and research Yes
407 Training Yes
500 Studying and training Yes
570 Student Yes
571 Schools sector Yes, except for exchange students
572 Vocational education and training sector Yes
573 Higher education sector Yes
574 Postgraduate doctorates Yes
575 Non-award sector Yes
576 Foreign affairs or defence sector visa No
580 Student guardian Yes
590 Student guardian visa Yes

Visa subclass Visa subclass title Pay fees
417 Working holiday Yes
462 Work and holiday Yes
600 Visitor Yes
601 Electronic Travel Authority Yes
651 eVisitor (electronic application from European Union) Yes
676 Tourist visa Yes
679 Temporary resident - sponsored family visitor visa Yes

Visa subclass Visa subclass title Pay fees
10 Bridging (class A) Check the subclass of your previous visa to find out if you need to pay fees.
20 Bridging (class B) Check the subclass of your previous visa to find out if you need to pay fees.
30 Bridging (class C) Check the subclass of your previous visa to find out if you need to pay fees.
40 Bridging (class D - prospective applicant) Check the subclass of your previous visa to find out if you need to pay fees.
41 Bridging (class D - non-applicant) Check the subclass of your previous visa to find out if you need to pay fees.
50 Bridging (class E - general) Check the subclass of your previous visa to find out if you need to pay fees.
51 Bridging (class E - protection visa applicant) No

Visa subclass Visa subclass title Pay fees
105 Skilled No
106 Regional, permanent resident No
119 Permanent resident, skilled regional No
120  Labour agreement visa No
121 Skilled permanent visa No
124 Distinguished talent No
126  Permanent resident No
132 Business talent No
134 Permanent resident No
135 National territory nominated independent No
136 Permanent resident No
137 Permanent resident - skilled state/ territory nominated No
138 Permanent resident - skilled No
139 Permanent resident No
160 Temporary resident - business owner Yes
161 Temporary resident - senior executive Yes
162 Temporary resident - investor Yes
163 Temporary resident - state/ territory sponsored business owner No
164 Temporary resident- state/ territory sponsored senior executive No
165 State/ territory sponsored investor (provisional) No
175 Skilled independent, permanent resident No
176 Sponsored visa No
186 Employer nomination scheme (replaced 121 and 856) No
187 Regional sponsor migration scheme No
188 Business innovation and investment (provisional) No
189 Skilled - independent (replaced 175 and 885) No
190 Skilled - nominated No
400 Temporary work (short stay activity) Yes
401 Temporary work (long stay activity) No
403 Temporary work (international relations) No
406 Government agreement visa No
408 Temporary activity No
411 Temporary resident - skilled - come to Australia to broaden work experience and skills No
415 Temporary resident No
416 Special program No
419 Temporary resident - visiting academic No
420 Temporary work (entertainment) No
421 Temporary resident - sport visa No
422 Temporary resident - medical practitioner No
423 Temporary resident - media and film staff No
426 Temporary resident - domestic worker diplomatic No
427 Temporary resident - domestic worker executive No
428 Temporary resident - religious worker No
442  Temporary resident - occupational trainee Yes
456 Temporary resident - business short stay Yes
457 Temporary work (skilled) No
459 Temporary resident - sponsored business visitor Yes
470 Temporary resident - professional development visa Yes
475 Temporary resident - regional sponsored visa No
476 Skilled - recognised graduate No
482 Temporary skill shortage visa No
485 Temporary graduate No
487 Temporary resident - regional sponsored visa No
488 Super yacht crew visa  No
489 Skilled - regional (provisional) No
495 Independent regional visa No
496 Temporary resident - designated area sponsored visa No
497 Temporary resident - skilled graduate No
845 Permanent resident - established business in Australia No
846 Permanent resident - state/ territory sponsored regional established business in Australia No
855 Permanent resident - labour agreement No
858 Distinguished talent No
887 Skilled - regional sponsored No
888 Business innovation and investment (permanent) No
890 Business owner No
891 Investor No
892 State/ Territory sponsored business owner No
893 State/ Territory sponsored investor No

Visa subclass Visa subclass title Pay fees
100 Partner (provisional and migrant) No
101 Child No
102 Adoption No
103 Parent No
110 Interdependency visa No
114 Aged dependent relative No
115 Remaining relative No
116 Carer No
117 Orphan relative No
143 Contributory parent No
173 Contributory parent (temporary) Yes
300 Prospective marriage spouse No
309 Partner (provisional) No
410 Retirement - cannot have dependents No
445 Dependent child No
450 Resolution of status - family member (temporary) No
461 New Zealand citizen family relationship (temporary) No
801 Partner No
802 Child No
804 Aged parent No
814 Interdependency No
820 Partner No
826 Family and spousal No
835 Remaining relative No
836 Carer No
837 Orphan relative No
838 Aged dependent relative No
864 Contributory aged parent No
884 Contributory aged parent (temporary) Yes

Visa subclass Visa subclass title Pay fees
200 Refugee No
201 In-country special humanitarian No
202 Global special humanitarian No
203 Emergency rescue No
204 Women at risk No
302  Emergency (permanent visa applicant) No
303 Emergency (temporary visa applicant) No
448 Kosovar safe haven No
449 Humanitarian stay (temporary) No
785 Temporary protection No
786 Temporary (humanitarian concern) No
800 Territorial asylum No
850 Resolution of status - provisional No
851 Resolution of status No
852 Witness protection (trafficking) No
866 Protection No

Visa subclass Visa subclass title Pay fees
151 Former resident No
155 Five year resident return No
157 Three month resident return No
159 Provisional resident return No
444 Special category No
602 Medical treatment Yes
675 Medical treatment, short stay Yes
808 Confirmatory (residence) No
834 Norfolk Island - permanent resident No
834 Permanent resident of Norfolk Island No
942 Crew travel authority No
988 Maritime crew No
SPV Special purpose visa No

Fees you need to pay

If your child is on a visa that requires you to pay fees, read the information below to find out more.

All fees are in Australian dollars.


International student school tuition fees for 2020 are as follows:

  • preschool - $5,700*
  • primary school - $9,500*
  • middle school - $11,000*
  • senior secondary school - $12,000*
  • refundable bond (if relevant) - $1,000
  • student administration fee (non-refundable) - $200.

*Fees are calculated on a pro-rata basis.

What is included

Fees include all of the following:

  • application and school placement processing
  • pre-departure informationon
  • welcome and orientation
  • student support services including career and personal counselling
  • ongoing English language support
  • school term and semester reports.

Fees for the intensive English program depend on the student's age and year level:

  • primary school - $9,500 each year
  • middle school - $11,000 each year
  • senior secondary school - $12,000 each year.

Other expenses you will need to pay include:

  • visa costs - if your child will apply for a student visa
  • homestay accommodation - if your child will live with a homestay family
  • school uniforms
  • text books and stationery
  • school trips
  • personal expenses
  • overseas student health cover
  • specialist course fees
  • accommodation placement fee (as applicable) $200.

You must write to International Services to ask for a refund.

Refunds depend on:

  • your child's visa type
  • the circumstances.

Find out how to apply for a refund.

Last updated: 29 January 2020

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