Arriving as an international student

If your child holds a subclass 500 student visa and will attend a Northern Territory (NT) Government school, you must tell International Services when they will arrive in the NT.

This includes:

  • arrival date
  • time
  • flight number.

Student support

When your child's application has been finalised, and their visa has been granted, they can access the following support:

  • airport pick-up for student visa holders living in homestay
  • orientation
  • international student coordinators
  • school support.

Read below to find out more.

If the student is staying with a homestay host, the host will meet them at the airport.

This service is free.

Your child will participate in an orientation program when they attend a government school.

They will tour the school and meet staff including:

  • the assistant principal
  • year coordinator
  • school counsellor
  • careers adviser
  • school nurse.

The orientation will include the location of the following:

  • international student coordinator's office
  • canteen
  • medical centre
  • school bus zone
  • library
  • other school facilities.

The school will explain school policies to your child including:

  • attendance
  • course requirements
  • appropriate behaviour.

Each school has a nominated contact officer for international students.

Darwin High School has a specific international student coordinator.

In other schools, one of the assistant principals fulfils this role.

International student coordinators are your child's first point of contact for questions, advice and assistance.

The international student coordinator is also responsible for monitoring student progress to ensure they are complying with visa conditions.

Each NT Government school has staff available to help students during their time at school.

This includes explaining their education options after they finish school.

International students can get advice from:

  • school counsellors
  • career advisors
  • year-level coordinators.

Last updated: 21 April 2020

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