Commercial and private agent licences

Who needs a licence

You need a licence to work as a commercial agent, inquiry agent, process server or private bailiff in the Northern Territory.

Commercial agent

A commercial agent is someone who is paid to:

  • locate or seize items subject to a hire purchase agreement or bill of sale
  • collect or request payment of debts
  • get evidence for legal proceedings
  • search for missing persons on behalf of someone else
  • seize goods to recover rates, taxes or money
  • carry out legal processes as the result of a judgement or court order.

Inquiry agent

An inquiry agent, or private detective, is paid to collect information. This includes tasks like:

  • getting information about a person's character, actions, business or occupation
  • collecting evidence for legal proceedings
  • searching for missing persons on behalf of someone else.

Private bailiff

A private bailiff executes warrants and processes. They can also make arrests.

Process server

A process server is paid to serve writs, summons or other legal processes on behalf of someone else.

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Last updated: 11 March 2016

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