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If you want to work in the liquor industry, you must be able to show you are a ‘fit and proper person’.

The Liquor Commission assesses this under the NT Liquor Act 2019 for all liquor licence applications.

How to qualify as a fit and proper person

To qualify as a fit and proper person, you must prove you are responsible and have the right skills and knowledge to run your business.

When deciding if you are a fit and proper person, the commission will consider:

  • your general character
  • your reputation
  • how you conduct yourself personally and professionally.

Other rules and requirements

You must also provide information in your application about anyone who will have a significant role or influence over the business.

This includes information about whether or not you, your business partners or your proposed managers or nominees:

  • understand your responsibilities as a liquor licence or permit holder 
    • particularly the type of licence or permit you are applying for
  • have ever been declared bankrupt or had action taken against you under bankruptcy laws
  • have ever breached liquor laws
  • have ever been arrested, or summonsed, charged or convicted of an offence
  • have satisfactory criminal history and referee checks
  • can demonstrate a responsible attitude to managing and carrying out your financial responsibilities.

Last updated: 01 October 2019

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