Apply for water extraction licence

Apply for a surface water extraction licence

This page has information to help you apply for a licence to take or use surface water.


Before you apply you should consider all of the following:

  • a water licence is usually granted for 10 years, but longer term licences can be approved in special circumstances
  • it can take at least three to four months to process your application for a new or increased licence
  • if your application is refused you can appeal a water licence decision.

You will need to attach both of the following to your application form:

  • a map with the location of existing or proposed pump, the location where the water is to be used, the method and route of moving the water and the lands in the immediate area - this includes lot, portion, section, lease numbers and boundaries
  • a property development plan.

To apply you must fill in the grant or renewal of a licence to take or use surface water form.

Grant or renewal of a licence to take of use surface water form PDF (188.5 KB)
Grant or renewal of a licence to take or use surface water form DOC (113.0 KB)

Submit the form to your local Water Resources office.

If your application has information that you believe is commercially confidential, you can apply for this information to be withheld from the public register.

To apply you must fill in the commercially confidential information form.

Commercially confidential information form PDF (162.8 KB)
Commercially confidential information form DOCX (171.9 KB)

Submit the application to:

Water Licensing and Regulation Branch
PO Box 496 
Palmerston, NT 0831

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Last updated: 28 June 2019

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