Former owner responsibilities: seller

To sell your vehicle you must follow these steps:

  1. Submit a notice of disposal to the MVR within 14 days of selling a second-hand vehicle.
  2. Supply the new owner with proof of ownership.

1. Submit a notice of disposal

You will need a completed notice of disposal signed by both you and the new owner (buyer).

Acceptable types of notice of disposal 

A notice of disposal can be one of the following:

  • an R06 form notice of disposal (384.6 kb) signed by both you and the buyer
  • a back (reverse page) of the most recent registration certificate signed by both you and the buyer
  • a clearly written document that is signed by both you and the buyer
  • a fax signed by both you and the buyer
  • an email - see more details below.
If either seller or buyer of the vehicle is not an individual

Vehicle jointly owned by two individuals - you need signatures from both persons.

Vehicle is under a business name – you need the signature of the proprietor(s) of the business.

Vehicle is registered under a company name – you need the signature of an appointed secretary, manager or managing director.

Information on your notice of disposal

Your notice of disposal must include all of the following: 

  • the full name and address of the buyer
  • the buyer's date of birth (not required for a body corporate)
  • the date of the sale or disposal of the vehicle
  • the price paid for the vehicle
  • vehicle identification – including the registration number. 

Other optional information you may include on your notice of disposal is the make or model of the vehicle, VIN or chassis number engine number.

How to submit your notice of disposal 

You can email your notice of disposal to or submit it in person at a MVR office.

You can also mail it to:
Department of Transport
GPO Box 530
Darwin NT 0801

Notice of disposal by email 

If you are emailing your notice of disposal, including documents associated with an eBay contract, the MVR will accept them as evidence of the signatures of both the seller and buyer.

The email must include an intention to purchase the vehicle and it must be identified by its registration plate number.

It is helpful to include more information such as the VIN, chassis number or engine number.

2. Supply the new owner with proof of ownership

You must provide the buyer with proof of vehicle ownership which includes any of the following documents:

  • a letter, receipt or notice of disposal clearly identifying the vehicle and the buyer as well as the registration number, VIN or chassis number, engine number, date of sale and purchase price of the vehicle
  • a 13A certificate of registration issued at a remote NT Police Station
  • documents from a court of law allocating ownership of a vehicle
  • a statutory declaration if your vehicle is homemade and has not been previously registered.