All vehicles travelling on Northern Territory (NT) roads must comply with the maximum dimensional limits and maximum standard mass limits unless the vehicle has been given an exemption.  

You can get an exemption by applying for an oversize or overmass permit.

Permits will generally have conditions of operation on the vehicle – eg: route restrictions.

In the NT you need a permit for all of the following:

  • a special purpose vehicle that, by construction, exceeds the legal mass and/or dimension limits – eg: cranes, drill rigs, plant-type vehicles
  • low loaders and load platforms that are specially designed for the carriage of a large indivisible item or are carrying a large indivisible item
  • vehicles and combinations that transport indivisible loads
  • agricultural machines, agricultural implements or agricultural combinations.

You can also apply or renew to be an oversize load pilot or escort operator.

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Last updated: 27 June 2017