Birthing services in Central Australia

Midwife services

A midwife is an expert in normal pregnancy, labour, birth and after birth care. They work with doctors and other health professionals to provide the best care for women, babies and families.

Midwives do the following:

  • pregnancy checks
  • discuss options of care with you
  • support you through pregnancy, labour, birth and newborn care
  • give you information you can take home to discuss with your family.

Pregnant women giving birth at Alice Springs Hospital can access one of two midwife services:

  • midwives clinic
  • or midwifery group practice.

The main difference is the midwifery group practice offers home births and antenatal home care. 

You can also access midwife services at your local health clinic in the lead up to your baby's birth.

Midwives clinic

The Alice Springs Hospital midwives clinic runs on Monday afternoons in the maternity unit. It also runs all day on Thursdays and Fridays at the midwifery group practice house. 

If you choose this option of care, midwives will carry out all of your labour and birth care in the birthing suite. This means if the birth is uncomplicated you may be able to transfer home four hours after.

Otherwise you and your baby will be transferred to the maternity unit after birth care.

When you and your baby are transferred home the domiciliary midwives will visit you up until day 10. After that you can get support from your general practitioner or the nurses and midwives in the community clinics.

Who can access the midwives clinic

Women can self-refer to the clinic from eight weeks of pregnancy. This service is for women in remote areas and Alice Springs.

How to make a midwives clinic appointment

Call (08) 8951 7620 or (08) 8951 7621 to make an appointment at the midwives clinic.

Midwifery group practice

The Alice Springs Hospital midwifery group practice provides the following services:

  • known midwife for midwifery care in pregnancy, labour, birth and up to six weeks after birth
  • hospital birth
  • home birth
  • water birth
  • clinic or home visits
  • referrals to other services
  • 24/7 emergency phone consultation and assessment service via on-call midwife
  • baby feeding support.

The midwifery group practice is supported by Alice Springs Hospital's maternity unit. 


Find out about homebirthing.

Who can access the midwifery group practice

Women from remote areas and the local township of Alice Springs can access this program. 

Remote pregnant women

Remote pregnant women travel into Alice Springs at 38 weeks to continue with pregnancy care visits and await the birth of their baby.

How to make a midwifery group practice appointment

Call (08) 8951 7067 for more information about the midwifery group practice.

Shared care

Shared care provides pregnant women the option to see a general practitioner, Alukura midwives or doctors, the community remote clinics and the doctor or midwives at the hospital. 

Your general practitioner can organise and discuss all tests and ultrasounds with you.

Your visits and health details will be recorded in the Pregnancy Health Record so that all health professionals looking after you can access current information. You need to bring this record with you to all appointments.

If you choose shared care all labour and birth care will be with the midwives and doctors in the birthing suite.

You will only be transferred to the Maternity Unit is you want or need admission.

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Last updated: 12 May 2016

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