Birthing services in Central Australia

After the baby is born

If you give birth in the Alice Springs Hospital birthing suite, you will either:

  • go home at least four hours after giving birth
  • or move from the birthing suite to the maternity unit where you can be given midwifery support for about five days after the birth.

This will depend on you and your baby's health and your preferences.

If your baby needs special care, you and your baby may stay in the hospital's neonatal unit.  

About the Alice Springs Hospital maternity unit

The Alice Springs Hospital maternity unit has 16 beds for women who are pregnant or have recently given birth. 

During your stay, the midwives and doctors will support you to care for your new baby. They will give you information about breastfeeding, immunisations and contraception.

They will also complete daily checks to monitor you and your baby's health.

Maternity unit visiting hours and meal times


The maternity unit has flexible visiting hours. You will not be allowed to enter the unit if you are:

  • under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
  • or have alcohol, drugs or weapons on your person. 

Partners are welcome anytime but are encouraged to allow a rest period for the mothers from 12pm to 2pm.

Other visitors are welcome between:

  • 10am and 12pm
  • 2pm and 4.30pm
  • 5.30pm and 8pm.
Meal times

Meals are served at the following times:

  • breakfast at 8am
  • lunch at 12pm
  • dinner at 5.30pm.

Mothers and babies returning to remote areas

If you are returning to a remote area, the maternity unit will organise accommodation and travel before you leave the hospital. Your care will continue at the health clinic closest to your home.

What happens after you go home

When you leave the hospital, the hospital will send a letter to you, your GP and your nearest community care clinic. The letter includes information about your:

  • pregnancy
  • labour
  • birth
  • after birth.

You will also have access to postnatal home visits

After a home birth

If you give birth at home you do not need to go to the maternity unit unless extra medical care is needed.

Post-birth check up

It is recommended that you and your baby have a six week post-birth check up. Your general practitioner (GP), local community care centre midwife or Congress Alukura can do the check up.

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Last updated: 12 May 2016

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