A rental rebate is a discount on the market rent you would normally pay for a house in your area.

Whether you are entitled to a rebate depends on your income and the income of other householders. 

Before you apply 

You should talk to your housing officer and discuss the application form. 

You must provide supporting documents from each household member aged over 18. 

Some of these documents may include: 

  • proof of all sources of income
  • proof of all assets.

If you don't provide proof of income you may not secure a rental rebate.

How to apply

To apply for the rebate follow these steps: 

Step 1. Provide supporting documents of household income.

Step 2. Fill in a rental rebate and continued eligibility form.

Step 3. Send the form to your housing office.

How the rebate is calculated

Primary tenant and spouse or de facto partner

You will pay 23% of your assessable income for rent. This excludes family tax benefit part A and child maintenance payments which are 10%.

Aged pensioners

You will pay 18% of your assessable income for rent. This excludes family tax benefit part A and child maintenance payments which are 10%. 

Additional household members

If you are aged 18 to 24 you will pay 10% of assessable income for rent. For household members aged 25 or older you will pay 20% of your assessable income for rent. 

If you moved into your public housing home before 25 January 1999, you need to contact your housing officer for more information on the rental rebate.

Renewing your rebate

You have to reapply for the rebate at intervals which depends on your type of income. A reminder letter will be mailed out to you three weeks before the rebate expires. 

You must return the rebate application before the rebate expiry date and provide income information for all household members aged over 18. 

If your application is late you will no longer be entitled to the rebate and you will be charged market rent.

Aged, widow and veteran affairs pensions or mature age allowance 

You have to renew your rebate every 52 weeks. 

Centrelink income people or those on a fixed salary 

You have to renew your rebate every 26 weeks. 

Casual workers such as seasonal workers

You have to renew your rebate every 13 weeks.

If household income or tenant numbers change 

You must contact the housing office within 28 days if any of the following happen:  

  • people move in or out 
  • a household member starts or stops work and their incomes change
  • a household member's pension or Centrelink payments change.

The size of your home should match the needs of the household. If the number of people living with you changes you may be able to transfer to a smaller or larger home.

If you have any questions call your housing office.

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Last updated: 22 June 2018