Construct or install a swimming pool or spa

If you own a residential property of less than 1.8 hectares in area and you want to install a pool or spa, you must also install a pool safety fence or barrier.

Before the pool can be filled with more than 30cm of water, a pool safety barrier must be:

  • installed to comply with the Modified Australian Standard
  • inspected by a pool safety adviser.

A compliance certificate must be issued by the Swimming Pool Safety Authority confirming the barrier meets the Modified Australian Standard.

Read more about pool fencing and barrier safety standards, including pool fencing notes that show you how to meet the Modified Australian Standard.

If you are installing a pool or spa on a residential property 1.8 hectares or larger you should fence your pool or spa but you don't need to get a compliance certificate. You can choose to opt in to get a compliance certificate.

Read about opting-in to pool barrier certification and requirements for pool barriers for properties 1.8 hectares or larger.

Before construction begins

There are important steps that you and your contractor must take before any work begins on your pool or spa.

What you must do

Before construction begins, you must apply for an interim compliance certificate.

Step 1. Fill in the interim compliance certificate form

Step 2. Submit it to the Pool Fencing Unit.

Step 3. After you receive your interim compliance certificate, you must give a copy to your pool contractor.

If you want to use a boundary fence as part of the pool safety barrier, you must also do the following.

Step 1. Fill in a dividing pool or spa barrier notice form

Step 2. Give a copy to the property owner that shares the boundary fence with you.

For more information, read about dividing fences and neighbouring properties.

What your pool contractor must do

Your pool contractor must do all of the following:

If you are installing your own pool or spa, you must meet all the same requirements of a pool contractor.

Read about the requirements of your contractor or installer.

Before your pool is filled with water

You must get a compliance certificate within seven days of the end of construction and before the pool is filled to a depth of 30cm or more.

You must not fill the pool or spa until you have a compliance certificate for the pool safety barrier.

Last updated: 14 March 2016

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