Contractors and installers: requirements when installing a pool or spa

All swimming pools and spas constructed in the Northern Territory (NT) after 1 January 2003 on a residential property less than 1.8 hectares must have a pool safety barrier.

This barrier must meet the Modified Australian Standards and be installed and certified before the pool is filled with more than 30 cm of water. Read more about pool fencing and barrier safety standards.

As a pool contractor or installer, you have obligations under the Swimming Pool Safety Act 2004. Read the law.

Property owners who want to install their own pool or spa must meet all the same conditions as a pool contractor.

Before installation

Before you begin to install a pool or spa you must follow these steps:

Step 1. Ask the property owner for a copy of their interim compliance certificate.

Step 2. Fill in the construction of a pool form, including when work will begin and end

Step 3. Submit the form to a Pool Fencing Unit.

Step 4. Make sure you can install the pool or spa so it will meet all the conditions of the interim compliance certificate. This will usually include:

  • making sure the pool or spa is in a location so it can be enclosed to meet the Modified Australian Standard
  • contacting Power and Water Corporation on 1800 245 092 to check there is no water or sewerage easement on the property
  • contacting Dial Before You Dig by calling 1100 or going to the website to check the location of other underground cables or pipes.

During and after installation

As the pool contractor you must install the pool or spa so it meets all the conditions set out in the interim compliance certificate.

You or the property owner must not fill the pool with more than 30 cm of water until a compliance certificate has been issued for the pool safety barrier.

Within seven days of the pool being finished, it is the property owner's responsibility to apply for a compliance certificate.

The compliance certificate can only be issued following an inspection of the pool safety barrier by a pool safety adviser to make sure it meets the required standards.


For more information contact the Pool Fencing Unit.

Last updated: 15 December 2016

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