Public hearings on behalf of the minister

Outside of the Development Consent Authority division areas, the Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics is the consent authority.

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If a development application is lodged for an area where the minister is the consent authority, then a public hearing on behalf of the minister may need to be held.

Who the minister can appoint to conduct a hearing

The minister may appoint any of the following to conduct a public hearing on their behalf to receive information on the application:

  • a division of the Development Consent Authority 
  • a person 
  • a body.

The appointee does not make any decision on the proposal.

After the hearing, the appointee will provide the minister with a report about the information received in relation to the development application.

Where hearings are held

Public hearings on behalf of the minister are open to the public and, if required, are held in Alice Springs, Batchelor, Darwin, Katherine, Litchfield, Palmerston or Tennant Creek.

Current hearings

Thursday 7 December 2017
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Other meetings

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Last updated: 21 June 2018