Building and development

Information about building and development in the Northern Territory.

  • Building Notes
    Get Building Notes, documents produced by the Director of Building Control to explain legislation, regulations and policy related to building.
  • Planning notices online
    How to get planning notices online from the Development Applications Online website.
  • Public hearings on behalf of the minister
    These meetings may be held when a development application is lodged in areas where the Minister for Lands and Planning is the consent authority.
  • NT Planning Commission hearings
    The NT Planning Commission is the reporting body pm hearings that deal with planning scheme amendments or exceptional development permits.
  • Wastewater management
    Find out how to install a septic tank, holding tank or wastewater treatment system, and about using greywater, in the Northern Territory.
  • Zoned land: development and land use complaints
    Make a complaint about a failure to follow planning or zoning rules and laws.
  • Zoning maps
    Get zoning maps including for the Northern Territory, including for urban areas and Major Remote Towns.
  • Zoning
    What different land zones mean, how to look up zones, unzoned land and how to apply to change zoning.