Access to building files

Building files can be accessed by property owners or anyone with legal authority to view the documents.

What is in building files

Building files hold all of the following information:

  • drainage plans
  • site plans
  • floor plans
  • building permits
  • occupancy certification
  • inspection reports
  • pest control certificates
  • engineering certificates.

Who can view

The parties listed below can view building files.

To access building documents, you must provide photographic identification to prove you're the registered owner of the property.

A registered owner can provide a letter authorising any other person to view the file.

If a company is the registered owner of the property, they must provide all of the below:

  • a letter on their letterhead, signed by the director, manager or principal, authorising the individual to view the building file
  • the company's registration details or a company extract from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to confirm the names of the company office holders.

To search company and other registers, go to the ASIC Connect website.

If third parties or agents want to access building documents, they must present any of the below:

How to view files

You may be able to view building file documents in paper or electronic form, or a combination.

For building files that are partially-digital, the digital part is available to view online after payment is finalised. The remaining part of the file that is paper must be viewed in person at the front counter.

You must view paper-only records in person at the front counter of a Building Advisory Services office.

To gain access to paper files, you must provide one of the following:

  • identification to prove that you're the registered owner of the property or
  • authorisation from the registered owner and personal identification.

Paper files will only be held for five business days unless specified at the time of order. They can't be taken out of Building Advisory Services (BAS) offices.

Customer service staff can copy your documents for the following fees:

  • $2 per A3 or A4 sheet
  • $9 per A0, A1 or A2 sheet.

Alternatively, you can bring a camera to photograph the documents you need.

To view files that have been made digital and placed online, email all of the following to

  • evidence that you're the owner or an agent with authority to view the records - eg. a driver licence and a copy of the authorisation if applicable
  • the property address.

BAS will send a secure digital token to your email address which you can use to access your files using the Building Approvals online system.

You can ask for a certified copy of documents that are given, issued or served by the minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics or by the director of Building Control.

To get a certified copy of documents, follow these steps:

Step 1. Fill in the request for certified copy form:

Request for certified copy  PDF (147.6 KB)
Request for certified copy DOCX (59.7 KB)

Step 2. Submit the form in person at a BAS office or by emailing

BAS will advise you of the fee for making certified copies and give you instructions on how to pay.

How much it costs

You will be charged an upfront access fee of $6 per lot number.

This fee includes either:

  • a digital file valid for five days or
  • access to a paper file that you can view once in person.

You will have to pay the access fee again if:

  • your digital file expires and you need a new copy or
  • you need to re-look at a paper file.

How to pay

You can pay in person or online.

In person

Pay the fee at a BAS office using either:

  • cash
  • credit card - Visa and Mastercard only.


BAS will email you a payment link that you can use to pay online.


If you have any questions, contact Building Advisory Services.

Last updated: 05 January 2022

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