Tjoritja / West MacDonnell National Park

Explore the majestic beauty of this park. The cool scenic gorges are refuges for plants and animals unique to here.

The Aranda people refer to the West MacDonnell Ranges as Tjoritja (pronounced Choor-it-ja).

In their lore and culture, the landscape was created by ancestral beings during a mythological time, the foundation of their spiritual beliefs and identity.

It's home to threatened species including the central rock-rat and long-tailed dunnart as well as other species like the black-footed rock-wallaby and MacDonnell Ranges cycad.

The park is located west of Alice Springs and stretches 161km.

Some of the sites you shouldn't miss on a journey here include Simpsons Gap, Ochre Pits, Standley Chasm (privately operated) and the permanent waterholes at Ellery Creek Big Hole, Ormiston Gorge and Glen Helen.

Get the Tjoritja / West MacDonnell National Park fact sheet and map PDF (1.1 MB).

Check if the park is open

Parks may close unexpectedly due to bushfires, flooding or park maintenance.

Before you go, check if the park is open.

Prepare and stay safe

To enjoy your trip, find out about safety and rules in the park.

Places to go

Ellery Creek Big Hole

Ellery Creek Big Hole

Spectacular waterhole with walking, swimming, picnics and camping

Facilities: Disabled access | Information signs | Water | Public toilets | Gas BBQ | Caravan | Firepit Activities: Walking | Camping | Picnic | Swimming
Ormiston Gorge

Ormiston Gorge

Swim, camp or walk the gorge

Facilities: Coffee | Ranger station | Disabled access | Information signs | Public toilets | Gas BBQ | Caravan Activities: Camping | Picnic | Swimming
Redbank Gorge

Redbank Gorge

Remote chasm with swimming hole and campgrounds

Facilities: Ranger station | Water | Public toilets | Gas BBQ | Caravan | Firepit Activities: Camping | Picnic | Swimming
Simpsons Gap

Simpsons Gap

Take one of the many walks and enjoy the magnificent views and rare plants

Facilities: Water | Public toilets | Gas BBQ Activities: Picnic

Things to see and do


What you need to know about camping

Walking and cycling

Where you can walk and cycle paths you should follow


Where you can swim and how to be safe around water

Other activities

If you're planning to fly your drone, you must get permit before you arrive. Read about rules around flying your drone.

How to get there

From Alice Springs, access the Tjoritja / West MacDonnell National Park's many visitor areas along Larapinta Drive and Namatjira Drive.

From Watarrka National Park (Kings Canyon) access the park on the unsealed Red Centre Way (Mereenie Loop). You need a permit to access this road.

Check road conditions before you go.