Judbarra / Gregory National Park

Everything in this part of the Victoria River District is big, including the barramundi, saltwater crocodiles, the landscape and challenges on the many four-wheel drive (4WD) tracks through the park.

In the west of the park, don't miss the historic Gregory's Tree, a large boab tree with carvings from Augustus Gregory's 1885 north Australian expedition. It's an Aboriginal sacred site and registered heritage site, and has interpretive signs at its base.

You should also visit Bullita Homestead with its historic display.

There are saltwater crocodiles in all waterways in Judbarra / Gregory National Park. Do not swim and Be Crocwise at all times.

If fishing, check the size and bag limits for barramundi.

To read more about what this massive park has to offer get the Judbarra / Gregory National Park fact sheet and map PDF (1.7 MB).

If you plan to head south to discover the 4WD track network get the 4WD track information sheet PDF (1.6 MB).

Find out about camping in parks and reserves.

Judbarra / Gregory National Park


Phone: 08 8975 0888

Park sitesStatusComments Forecast opening
Judbarra / Gregory National Park Open   -
Sullivan Campground on Victoria Highway Open   -
Victoria Gorge Access Open   -
Escarpment Walk Open   -
Old Victoria Road Crossing Open   -
Joe Creek and Ngawilbinbin Walk Open   -
Big Horse Campground Open   -
Big Horse Boat Ramp Open   -
Gregory's Tree Open   -
Limestone Gorge Campground Closed Closed due to flood damage.  Anticipated re-opening June 2022
Limestone Gorge – Calcite Flow Walk Closed Closed due to flood damage.  Anticipated re-opening June 2022
Lupayi Campground - Jasper Gorge Open   -
4WD tracks
Humbert Track Open  -
Tuwakam Track Open   -
Bullita Stock Route Track Open   -
Wickham Track Open -
Broadarrow Track Open -
Gibbie Creek Track Open -
Bullita Access Road Open  -
Bullita Stock Route Track  -
Bullita Homestead and campground Open   -
East Baines Crossing Campground Open  -
Drover’s Rest Campground Open  -
Gibbie Track  -
Paperbark Yard Campground Open -
Humbert Track  -
Top Humbert Campground Open  -
Fig Tree Yard Campground Open  -
Broad Arrow 4WD Track  -
Camel Point Campground Open -
East Baines Campground Open -
Open Escarpment Lookout Campground Open -
Wilingarri Campground Open -
Depot Creek Campground Open -

All year round, but roads may not be accessed at times during the Wet Season.

Check road conditions before you leave home.

Take the Victoria Highway from Katherine or the unsealed Buntine and Buchanan Highways.

Check road conditions before you go.

The traditional owners of Judbarra rate this land as an important part of their cultural identity, with huge spiritual significance.

The park includes the traditional lands of several Aboriginal language groups, including Ngarinyman, Karrangpurru, Malngin, Wardaman, Ngaliwurru, Nungali and Bilinara.

The park is still used by these people for ceremonies and rituals.

Numerous archaeological sites in the park show a long history of Aboriginal occupation.

The rock shelters and caves of Judbarra support a wealth of rock art.

Much of the rock art of this region appears to represent an art style very different from other areas.

Recorded techniques include painting, stencil drawing, printing, packing and pounding.

Human figure motifs are the most common.

There are a high number of composite engraved and painted figures, making it one of the largest sites in Australia.

You can see and do all of the following in the park:

For information on bird species, get the Judbarra / Gregory National Park bird species list PDF (1020.6 KB).

Judbarra / Gregory National Park has all of the following facilities:

  • information signs
  • ranger station
  • 4WD roads
  • fire pits
  • public toilets
  • picnic areas
  • camping area
  • caravan camping – at Big Horse Creek campground, Sullivan Creek campground and Victoria River Roadhouse
  • walking tracks.

If you plan to launch a boat in the park you should be aware of the following:

  • you can fish only with lures - bait cannot be used - to avoid accidental capture of turtles
  • you can't use motorised watercraft on Wickham River due to its significant natural and cultural values
  • with a two-wheel drive vehicle you can access Victoria River from concrete boat ramps at Big Horse Creek.

When visiting the park, remember all of the following:

  • drones are not permitted
  • download Avenza map app before you leave
  • take your rubbish with you
  • stay on marked roads and tracks
  • cultural items and wildlife are protected
  • do not damage or carve boab trees as it can harm the tree and you can get fined
  • pets are permitted along the Victoria Highway and must be kept on a leash
  • nets, traps and firearms are not permitted
  • light fires only in fireplaces in the park
  • use soaps and detergents 50m from waterways
  • camp only in marked camping areas
  • collect firewood before arriving at your picnic area or campsite
  • follow fishing laws
  • generators are permitted between 8am and 8.30pm
  • treat water from waterways before drinking.

You can have a safe and comfortable trip to Judbarra by doing all of the following:

  • carry and drink plenty of water
  • wear a hat, sunscreen and insect repellent
  • wear suitable clothing and footwear
  • carry a first aid kit
  • use free interactive park maps on your mobile phone or tablet
  • avoid strenuous activity during the heat of the day
  • make sure your vehicle is well-maintained and equipped
  • if driving on a 4WD track, tell a reliable person where you are going your return date
  • it is also good to have a satellite phone or emergency beacon
  • do not swim as saltwater crocodiles inhabit waterways in this park, watch out for warning signs.

Phone: 08 8975 0888

Last updated: 07 June 2022

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